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I am the father of a child. I have never signed a recognition of parentage or other documents wherein I agreed that I am the father of my child, and there is no Court Order that states that I am the father of my child. What custody and parenting time rights do I have with my child?

Usually, the answer to this question is that you have no rights pertaining to your child.  If you are the father of a child, have not signed a recognition of parentage, and have not been adjudicated  to be the father of that child in a Court proceeding, then you likely have no legal rights to parent or spend time with your child.  This means that the mother of that child could deny you visitation and access to your own child.  Your time to file a recognition of parentage is limited, and if you do not fall within the timelines set forth in the applicable statutes, you may have to bring a paternity action to obtain legal rights to your child.

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